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Advanced Technology at AEOS

At AEOS, we leverage cutting-edge technology across our various specialized workshop areas, ensuring top-tier maintenance and overhaul services for the aviation industry.

Oxygen Section

AEOS provides expert repair and overhaul services for airborne oxygen equipment. Our capabilities include servicing cylinders, regulators, valves, and masks to ensure optimal operational safety and reliability.

Electrical Section

Our state-of-the-art workshop is equipped to handle all AC/DC electrical equipment repairs and overhauls. This includes actuators, motors, starters, generators, and an array of solid state regulating, control, and protection accessories.

Hydrostatic Testing of Cylinders

Our facility is approved by the Australian Standards Association to conduct hydrostatic testing of pressure vessels. We utilize advanced de-valving, pressure testing, and fiber optic probe technologies with video inspection capabilities for assessing the internal wall conditions of cylinders.

Fire Extinguisher Section

Specializing in the maintenance of airborne fire extinguishers, AEOS offers comprehensive services for airlines, regional operators, and military organizations. This includes full overhauls, hydrostatic testing, re-charging, as well as halon recovery and recycling.

Fuel & Hydraulic Section

Our hydraulics section is fully equipped to service a wide range of mechanical and electrically driven components. This includes hydraulic pumps, motors, actuators, valves, and fuel pumps, ensuring thorough maintenance and operational efficiency.

Battery Section

Our battery section can assist with capacity testing, repair and overhaul of aircraft main batteries and emergency batteries.

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